When To Quit Your PM Job

Blog post from 280 Group on when to quit your PM job. Wish I had found this years ago, it wasn’t written until last October, but it’s spot on for the most part. #6 and #9 applied directly to my situation over the past couple of years. If your company isn’t committed to what you
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Customer Delight – Give Me One Sexy Feature

I co-hosted a working session on Delight and Gen Y at a conference a few months back. Discussing customer delight, what it means, how to achieve it and what impact it has on your relationship with the customer. A few examples from the session: –Nintendo Wii, everyone is familiar with this example, and it is
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Changing QA Roles Impact Product Management

The role of QA will vary by industry, but in the software industry QA used to be the PM’s best friend. QA’s job was to test the product, and verify not only the quality of the product but that the product met the requirements outlined by the product manager. Quality wasn’t just about bugs, it
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